Total QBR: Eli Manning a top-10 QB

With only one game left to play in Week 3, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is ranked 10th among NFL quarterbacks in Total QBR, the new quarterback rating system we've introduced this year to measure a quarterback's overall contribution to his team's success. Manning's 81.2 Total QBR on Sunday was the third-highest in the league, behind only Baltimore's Joe Flacco and Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers. Manning's number was helped by the fact that he was 6-for-7 for 114 yards and two touchdowns on third down -- an area in which he and the Giants struggled in the first two games of the season -- and 6-for-7 with two touchdowns in the fourth quarter. Manning also completed his only pass in the red zone for a touchdown to running back Ahmad Bradshaw, though the rating system does take into account that Bradshaw did most of the work on that one after the catch.

For the season, Manning's Total QBR is now 64.9, which ranks him 10th in the league, one spot ahead of Flacco and one behind Oakland's Jason Campbell.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, who has been knocked out of his last two games with injuries and could miss several games with a broken right (non-throwing) hand, had a Total QBR of 24.6 for the week. Only five starting NFL quarterback posted worse marks than Vick's. For the season, Vick has a Total QBR of 42.6, which ranks 23rd in the NFL.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo ranks third in the league so far with a Total QBR of 82.3, and Washington Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman is 12th with a mark of 63.2, but neither has played his Week 3 game yet. The Cowboys and Redskins face off tonight on "Monday Night Football" on ESPN.

Teams whose quarterbacks had the better Total QBR were 13-2 on Sunday. In contrast, teams whose quarterbacks had the better NFL passer rating went just 9-6.