Tyler Wilson pick puts pressure on Pryor

When the fourth round began, there was talk the Oakland Raiders could take former USC quarterback Matt Barkley with the third pick in the fourth round. After Oakland traded down, there was talk it could take Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib. He was taken two picks before Oakland's pick.

Undeterred, the Raiders continued the quarterback run by taking Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson with the No. 112 pick.

Thus, the Raiders were going to get that quarterback.

This is a fascinating pick.

Oakland has pressing needs throughout the roster. Yet, it took a quarterback fairly early in the draft. In the end, I don’t mind it because if you score a future starting quarterback in the fourth round, it is tremendous value. So in the end, why not take Wilson if you think he can be good?

I do think this says something about the other two quarterbacks on Oakland’s roster.

After Carson Palmer refused to take a pay cut, Oakland shipped him to Arizona and traded for Matt Flynn. They also have Terrelle Pryor.

I think the Wilson pick says much more about Pryor than Flynn. If the Raiders really felt Pryor would soon be ready to push Flynn for a starting job, they wouldn’t have added another young quarterback at a fairly premium pick. Pryor was taken two years ago by the previous regime in the third round of the supplemental draft.

Teams only have so much time to develop young quarterbacks. Trying to get two youngsters the requisite amount of reps on the practice field is difficult. Usually, teams can only develop one potential starting quarterback at a time.

Plus, regimes love their own guy. Wilson is now "the guy" of general manager Reggie McKenzie and coach Dennis Allen; Pryor is the hand-me down who this regime felt needed further competition.

Sure, Pryor can always develop and prove he is the guy, but the presence of Wilson means the Raiders want to see what he can do just as much as Pryor.

I don’t think this pick means all that much for Flynn. He is either going to be good or not. If he is good, he will keep the job. If Flynn, who soon turns 28 and who has started just two NFL games, fails, the Raiders will have to turn to someone else anyway.

It could be Wilson.

He is a big, strong-armed, smart quarterback who is as tough as they come. He has great moxie and I think he can develop. It may take some time, but he has a chance to become a starter. I think it is worth Oakland’s time to get him in its program and see what he can do.

Let’s face it: Next year’s quarterback draft class has a chance to be strong. If the Raiders have a shot at a franchise quarterback, they could take him.

It’s open audition time for the Oakland starting quarterback of the future and Tyler Wilson is the next in line.