AFC West Week 2 decisive moment

It was the type of decision that gets a coach a raise. It was also the type of call that gets coaches fired.

Todd Haley won’t have to worry about being fired after his gutsy call in the Chiefs’ 16-14 win at Cleveland on Sunday.

At the two-minute warning, the Chiefs were facing a fourth-and-inches situation at the Cleveland 36. The Chiefs were hanging on to a two-point lead. A first-down conversion would allow Kansas City to eat the clock and win the game. A failed conversion would give the Browns the ball with enough time to move into position to try a game-winning field goal. A Kansas City punt also would give the Browns enough time to try to win the game.

During the timeout, Haley decided to try to take control of the situation and go for the kill.

The call was for running back Thomas Jones to dive for the first down. Jones executed the play beautifully, getting just enough real estate to give Kansas City the first down and the victory. It was a high-risk, high-reward decision by Haley, who is clearly coming into his own in his second season as a head coach.

The Chiefs improved to 2-0 for the first time since 2005.