AFC South best division in Power Rankings

Here are the new ESPN.com NFL Power Rankings, where the AFC South rode three wins to get back to top-division status. The four teams’ average spot is 12.3, best in the league ahead of the AFC North (13.6).

As the only loser in the division, the Texans dropped six spots to 13th, one spot behind the Titans. I left Houston at No. 7.

That may be too high, but I couldn't move the teams I had directly behind them ahead of them -- they beat Indy, I am unsure of what the Patriots will be without Randy Moss and they had a bye, Philadelphia only beat the 49ers and Chicago only beat Carolina.

I kept the Steelers at No. 1 off their bye, but shifted a lot of teams around in the top 10.

Please keep in mind I’m just one-fourth of the Power Rankings. You can see the four ballots here in Mike Sando’s post.

Recapping the division:

I differed from the other three voters by at least four spots on Chicago. The Bears are seventh, I have them 11th. Props to them for finding a way without Jay Cutler against the Panthers. But I’m not scoring up much for wins over Carolina these days.