Power Rankings: Divisional shutout

The position-by-position Power Rankings gave the AFC South a third-place pass-rusher (Dwight Freeney), a sixth- and 10th-place safety (Michael Griffin and Antoine Bethea), a 10th-place cornerback (Cortland Finnegan), and no linebackers.

In a more sweeping ballot looking at defensive players, the division was shut out.

I don’t see a crime in it, though I cast a 10th-place vote for Freeney, who’s getting underrated because his birthday is less than two months into the 1980s.

Otherwise, it’s hard to make a case for anyone else in the division. In fact, no AFC South defender garnered another vote.

Here’s Kevin Seifert’s piece on the top-10 defenders. You’ll find me in there explaining my No. 2 vote for Clay Matthews. You’ll find the final voting results as well.

Here’s my ballot, which was one-eighth of the result:

  1. Troy Polamalu

  2. Clay Matthews

  3. DeMarcus Ware

  4. Patrick Willis

  5. Nnamdi Asomugha

  6. Darrelle Revis

  7. James Harrison

  8. Terrell Suggs

  9. Ndamukong Suh

  10. Dwight Freeney

I can understand not including Freeney as he’s 31. I can understand not including Suh, as he's just coming off his rookie season. He was on five ballots and came in 11th.

But Suggs? Suggs didn’t get another vote, perhaps because Haloti Ngata and Ed Reed were ninth and 10th and guys didn’t want to vote for three Ravens. I think Suggs is brilliant.