NFL Power Rankings: Texans down to third

Deep in the season it’s not always so simple to say Team A beat Team B and thus should rank higher in the ESPN NFL Power Rankings.

Still, I know Texans fans will look at the new poll and say, "Hey, we deserve a big drop after that dud in New England, but how can we be behind Denver when we beat the Broncos?”

Three of the five panelists have the Broncos ahead of the Texans on their ballot.

NFC East blogger Dan Graziano shared his reasoning.

“For me it's all about how impressed I am with the Broncos, not any drastic change in how I feel about the Texans. I think they're getting better as the season goes along. I think they can beat you all kinds of different ways -- from down-and-dirty physical to air-it-out finesse. I think they're playing tougher on defense as the season goes along. I think [Peyton] Manning looks like his old self, and I love that the running game didn't miss a beat when they had to replace [Willis] McGahee with [Knowshon] Moreno. I have considered the Broncos for the No. 1 spot each of the past three weeks. I think they look better than anyone right now but the Pats.”

You may disagree, but it’s not unreasonable.

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