Raiders shut out on compensatory picks

A year after receiving one compensatory pick for the NFL draft, and two years after being awarded three, the Oakland Raiders were shut out for 2014, it was announced Monday afternoon at the NFL owners meetings in Orlando.

Thirteen teams received compensatory picks, which were doled out starting at the end of the third round and through the end of the seventh round. Comp picks are awarded based on a formula that takes into account free agents lost and free agents signed, as well as salaries, playing time and postseason awards.

For example, the Raiders lost unrestricted free agents to other teams such as Desmond Bryant, Matt Shaughnessy and Philip Wheeler while signing UFA’s like Nick Roach, Tracy Porter and Rashad Jennings.

Per the NFL’s release, the Raiders “did not suffer a net loss of compensatory free agents last year but qualified for a compensatory pick because the compensatory free agents lost by the club were ranked higher than the ones they signed (by a specified points differential based upon salary and playing time). Because such picks are awarded after all compensatory picks at the end of the seventh round have been made, Oakland’s pick effectively ranked 36th among all compensatory picks, so the club will not receive a selection.”

That’s because only 32 comp picks were awarded total and were divided among 13 teams, with the Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets each receiving four comp picks.

As such, the Raiders still hold draft picks in the first (No. 5 overall), second (No. 36) and third rounds (No. 67). Oakland now knows where its other picks reside -- in the fourth (No. 107) and seventh rounds (No. 219 and No. 235, from the Arizona Cardinals in the Carson Palmer trade).

The Raiders’ fifth-round pick went to the Seattle Seahawks for Matt Flynn (No. 146 overall) last year and their sixth-round pick went to the Houston Texans for Matt Schaub (No. 181) last week.

Since comp picks were first awarded in 1994, the Raiders have had 17.