Philadelphia Eagles' projected roster

With final cuts looming, here's a look at how the Philadelphia Eagles' final 53-man roster could pan out:


This was always the group. If Barkley had played poorly during the preseason, then maybe Chip Kelly would have gone light at QB. But Barkley's performance against the Jets Thursday night, combined with Kelly's "you-can't-have-too-many-quarterbacks" credo, pretty much assures the Eagles will keep three.


If Chris Polk stays despite missing the entire preseason with a hamstring injury, that pretty much tells you the other guys were wasting their time out there. Josey played really well Thursday night, well enough to stay. If Polk stays, Josey could be on the practice squad.


Going with six receivers now and dropping an offensive lineman. But this list is probably off because there's no Jeff Maehl. He appears to be bulletproof, even though Benn looked much more compelling Thursday night against the Jets.


Trey Burton made a strong case for himself Thursday night as both a receiver and a blocker. But with these three in place, it appears Burton could be looking at the practice squad this year.


The ankle injury sustained by Tobin could change this list. The coaches really like Tobin as the four-position backup with Barbre starting for Lane Johnson. As it is, someone is holding a place until Lane Johnson gets back in Week 5.


Damion Square could still go on the practice squad if he doesn't make the cut. He's the one guy who could change this list. But Logan and Allen seem pretty well established as nose tackles right now.


This may be heavy, but Long and Emmanuel Acho are making it pretty tough to cut down to eight. This still has Casey Matthews on the outs, and he's another guy who has appeared bulletproof before now. We'll see.


One more linebacker means one less safety. It's math, people. Ed Reynolds could be on the practice squad.


This is another tough group to figure out. Roc Carmichael has played well at times and was here last year. Curtis Marsh has gotten a long look this summer. But the addition of Carroll and the rookie Watkins simply makes roster space tight.


It may seem rash to put Parkey ahead of Alex Henery based on one preseason game, even if Parkey hit two beyond-50-yard field goals. But the inclination to upgrade at this position has been building for months, and now is the time to act.