Tannehill and Luck are slinging it

INDIANAPOLIS – The Miami Dolphins lead the Colts, 17-13, at halftime.

Here are some notes at intermission:

  • The rookie quarterback battle between Indianapolis’ Andrew Luck and Miami’s Ryan Tannehill is proving to be even better than advertised. Both quarterbacks are making some amazing throws that rookie quarterbacks usually cannot make. Tannehill has thrown for 158 yards and a touchdown in the first half. Luck has thrown for 273 yards and one touchdown.

  • On the flip side, Miami’s shaky pass defense isn’t helping. The Dolphins entered this game ranked 27th against the pass and is leaving a lot of receivers running free on the Lucas Oil turf. Dolphins No. 1 cornerback Sean Smith was beat for a few big plays, including Colts receiver Reggie Wayne getting a 9-yard touchdown catch.

  • Miami’s running game is rounding back into form. Dolphins tailbacks Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas have combined for 54 rushing yards. Bush had a slick touchdown run in the second quarter when he shook several Colts defenders.

  • Keeping an eye on other games in the division, the Buffalo Bills are losing to the Houston Texans, 7-6, at halftime. Miami will play the Tennessee Titans next week. Tennessee is getting drilled, 31-2, to the Chicago Bears in the second quarter.