On Peyton Manning's Joe Kapp reference

As you have probably heard, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning tied an NFL record by throwing seven touchdown passes in a 49-27 victory over the Baltimore Ravens. The last quarterback to do that was Joe Kapp for the Minnesota Vikings in 1969, a fact that elicited a cool reference from Manning that bears further inspection on this fine Friday morning.

Asked about Kapp, Manning told reporters: "Great Canadian quarterback out of Cal. Kicked the crap out of a guy on YouTube a couple of years ago, too."

Yes, at the age of 73, Kapp fought former CFL adversary Angelo Mosco on the stage of a CFL alumni event two years ago. Their 48-year grudge dated back to the 1963 Grey Cup, as noted in this blog post.

What is it like to see two 73-year-olds fight? Check out the video to see. I particularly enjoyed the accompanying soundtrack.