49ers right tackle Anthony Davis respects OC Greg Roman ... as a person

Anthony Davis took what many saw as a shot at his offensive coordinator on Twitter this week and the San Francisco 49ers right tackle did not back down from that social media salvo on Friday.

Asked if he he respected respected Greg Roman, Davis said, "As a person. I respect everybody as a person."

Then what about as a professional?

Davis looked up and away and remained silent until the next question was asked ... seven seconds later.

This is the atmosphere in certain corners of the Niners locker room as they prepare for Sunday's season finale against the Arizona Cardinals at Levi's Stadium. And this is the Tweet that got this ball rolling, at least in a publc setting.

Jim Harbaugh, who may be coaching his final game with the 49ers this weekend as reports have the University of Michigan sending a contingent to woo him, was not thrilled with Davis going public, so to speak.

"Is it a concern? It's misguided," Harbaugh said of Davis' method of criticizing Roman. "I'm not going to comment any further on it than that."

Davis did say that he and Roman talked and he would be playing against the Cardinals.

Yet while it has been obvious the Niners offense and their offensive identity changed this year from a power-run approach to more of a spread look, no coaches or players have come right out and said as much.

Until Davis addressed it on Friday.

"Maybe we tried to trick 'em this year," he said.

Davis, who started the first 64 games of his career, has missed nine games this season with a litany of injuries, from recovering from shoulder surgery in camp to knee and hamstring issues to a concussion that kept him out for a month.

But with him back last week, the 49ers rushed for 355 yards in a 38-35 overtime loss to the San Diego Chargers.

Oh, and while no one in red and gold will touch the topic of Harbaugh possibly leaving, Davis grabbed it and held on.

"I think everybody knows," Harbaugh is gone, Davis said.

Davis also intimated the Niners should return next year to what enabled them to be so successful the previous three seasons -- the power-running game.

"I don't want to be closed-minded about a new coach coming in with different views," Davis said. "But that would seem like the simplest answer."