Biggest cap hits and dead money in AFC South

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
Here's some interesting info on cap hits and dead money from Football Outsiders. You have to be an Insider to see the whole report. But I got top secret clearance to share a bit.

The Texans' biggest cap number belongs to Matt Schaub ($10.25 million, 8 percent of their cap) and the most dead money is tied up in Anthony Weaver ($5.4 million, 4.2 percent).

My thoughts: Having Schaub in that slot is fine, and he's a guy that has to produce for them to succeed. Dead money is an interesting way to judge a team's failures, and Weaver's is a big number when you consider they've also made two sizable investments in their efforts to replace him -- signing free agent Antonio Smith and drafting Connor Barwin.

The Colts' biggest cap number belongs to Peyton Manning ($21.2+ million, 16.5 percent of the cap) and the most dead money is tied up in Marvin Harrison ($6.4 million, 5 percent of the cap).

My thoughts: No surprise with Manning, thought it's hard not to wonder what the Colts might be able to do if they could shrink that number. The Harrison decision was the tough kind where a team chooses to move on, parting ways with a guy who helped get it to new heights but had tailed off. Getting him off the books will pay off starting next year.

The Jaguars' biggest cap number belongs to David Garrard ($9 million, 6.6 percent of the cap) and the most dead money is a three-way tie between Jerry Porter, Drayton Florence and Paul Spicer ($2.5 million each, 1.8 percent of the cap each, 5.4 percent total.)

My thoughts: This is a big prove-it year for Garrard -- he either establishes himself as the guy or the Jaguars are forced to tacitly concede the big contract was a mistake and begin to look for a quarterback. The Porter and Florence hits show the damage bad signings can do, and the Spicer hit is a warning about loyalty to older guys.

The Titans' biggest cap his is Keith Bulluck ($9.1+ million, 6.8 percent of the cap) and the most dead money is tied up in Antonio Johnson ($86,726, 0.1 percent of cap).

My thoughts: Bulluck is in a contract year, but his agent has said he's been fairly paid on this contract and he's right. The dead money figure for Johnson, now with the Colts, is ridiculously low -- accounting for the 84th biggest total on the team right now. (The roster will ultimately only include 53 players.) In previous years, though, this franchise had huge numbers in the dead money column. This is great evidence of lessons learned.