20 years ago: Jan. 16, 1994

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- I would be remiss on this day of all days if I didn't recall the last playoff game won by the Kansas City Chiefs. It happened Jan. 16, 1994, in Houston, where the Chiefs beat the Oilers 28-20 in a divisional round playoff game.

The iconic moment of the game, of course, came when tight end Keith Cash after scoring a touchdown spiked the ball against a poster of Houston's infamous defensive coordinator, Buddy Ryan, that was hanging over the retaining wall. But there were plenty of other huge moments. ESPN recently showed highlights of some of them, including Joe Montana's touchdown passes to J.J. Birden and Willie Davis and the Marcus Allen touchdown run in the final minutes that wrapped up the victory. The Kansas City Star also recently did a nice job in looking back at that game through the eyes of Davis, now a scout for the Chiefs.

I was in my rookie season covering the Chiefs for the Kansas City Star. Other than the big plays, my overwhelming recollection was how loud the Astrodome was that day. It was consistently can't-hear-yourself-think loud.

That, and this, which was no doubt a thought shared by millions of Chiefs fans: Anything seemed possible for the Chiefs in the moments after that victory. I was convinced, and again I was not alone, that the Chiefs would go to Buffalo for the following week's AFC championship game and beat the Bills. I thought the Chiefs would be winning playoff games for years to come.

History has turned out differently for the Chiefs. They lost to the Bills in a blowout the next week and they also lost their seven subsequent playoff games. Some of those games have been lopsided, some could have been won by the Chiefs had any number of close plays gone their way.

As any Chiefs fan can attest, none of those plays have gone Kansas City's way. It's been eight straight losses and 20 seasons since. And though the details of the playoff win over Houston remain vivid, that game really doesn't seem like yesterday, does it?