Ingram, Colston remain silent

METAIRIE, La. -- New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram and receiver Marques Colston both maintained media silence throughout the week after neither player spoke following Sunday's Week 1 loss to the Atlanta Falcons.

So we've still gotten no explanation from Ingram about what had him fuming on the sideline during the third quarter, when he slammed his helmet and stalked away from coaches and teammates for several minutes.

Although it's unclear what had Ingram so upset, his outburst came at a time when he hadn't touched the ball for nearly two full quarters of game action. Then Ingram got back in on the next series and proceeded to gain 49 yards and two touchdowns on nine carries for the rest of the game.

"We all get hot-headed and we all get upset during the game," said Saints tight end Benjamin Watson, who talked with Ingram on the sideline after the episode. "If you were to be on the sidelines and hear what's going on, it's a circus. And then 10 minutes after the game everything is kind of let out and there's no grudges held. Guys say 'I can't believe I said that to you, I was totally out of my mind.' That's all it was."

Ingram has always shown a lot of emotion -- and sometimes frustration. It has now helped fuel him on the field at least twice. He came back after a poor start against the Dallas Cowboys last season to have a career game.

"I think everybody is fueled by emotion. Some guys show it in different ways," Watson said. "I would definitely say that Mark is a guy ... that's how he plays. He has to be able to rein that in and use it in a positive way."

As for Colston, he's always a man of few words with the media. But it's still a little unusual for him to decline media requests for a full week. Colston declined to speak with the media after fumbling during overtime in the loss to Atlanta. Then he turned down media requests twice this week.