What they're saying about Hanburger

DALLAS -- The Redskins had a pretty good feeling that linebacker Chris Hanburger would be voted into the Hall of Fame, so they gathered some quotes from his former teammates. And by the way, the footage of Hanburger clotheslining running backs and quarterbacks was pretty remarkable. Folks in the audience were gasping as he clotheslined Cowboys quarterback Don Meredith in the late 1960s.

Here are a few quotes on Hanburger:

Larry Brown, former running back: "He should have been inducted long before now based on him being to the Pro Bowl nine times. That's a significant accomplishment. He was very quiet and that was kind of hard for him to do. I thought in most situations, he allowed his performance to speak for him."

Sonny Jurgensen, quarterback: "He was serious. He played the position differently. He took full advantage of his quickness and his great anticipation. He had great anticipation, reading snap counts and figuring out what the offense was doing. He was really a great linebacker. Every game you would get 100 percent from him."

Brig Owens, defensive back: "He was a great player, very fast and he was one of those rare linebackers who had a lot of speed. He wasn't your typical large linebacker, but the way he played the game, you expected him to be there on every play. He was a student of the game, a great teammate and a friend."