Colin Kaepernick's is 12th-richest QB deal

With details of the Colin Kaepernick extension with the San Francisco 49ers through 2020 emerging, Kaepernick’s deal is now considered the 12th richest current quarterback contract according to ESPN Stats & Information.

It is using the average value of the first thee years of the deal, which is the preferred measure used among the league to gauge optimum worth of a deal. Below is the list of the top 12 average quarterback contracts. While he is 12th, there is no denying Kaepernick is going to be paid well.

Matt Ryan $22.9M

Aaron Rodgers $22.7M

Joe Flacco $20.7M

Drew Brees $20.3M

Peyton Manning $19.3M

Tony Romo $18.0M

Jay Cutler $18.0M

Matthew Stafford $17.7M

Ben Roethlisberger $17.6M

Eli Manning $17.0M

Philip Rivers $16.8M

Colin Kaepernick $14.7M