Darrelle Revis aiming for opening day

Tampa Bay cornerback Darrelle Revis, who has yet to practice with his teammates as he recovers from a knee injury, said he expects to be ready to play in the season opener against his former team, the New York Jets.

“That is the goal,” Revis said Tuesday. “That’s the goal to be out there Week 1 and play. If anything other than that we will have to see when that time comes, but we have got to have a goal set. I think coach (Greg Schiano) has the same goal too -- to be out there Week 1.”

Revis said he’s been running and making cuts and feels like his knee is progressing.

“I cannot really put a number on it,” Revis said. “I can tell it is getting stronger. We are improving. Me and (trainer) Todd (Torricelli) are doing a great job. I am out here running and cutting. Even in the weight room we are getting stronger. There is really no percentage on it right now, but I can tell I feel better than I did a couple weeks ago.”

The Bucs have expressed optimism that Revis will be ready for the start of training camp. If that happens, great. But I don’t think the Bucs need to force things. Revis is a veteran and he shouldn’t have any problem picking up the defense.

"I think in the meeting room and in the walk-throughs he's doing very well," Schiano said. "He's not a rookie, the guy has played a lot of years and has played in a scheme where he's got to do more than just cover one-on-one. That’s always the fear, if you bring a corner from the outside, if he's only played one-on-one, does he understand all the other concepts?

“But (Revis) does, and he's got a really good football mind. So he's doing a really good job with his rehab and all those things, and he's also doing a very good job in the classroom, which are the two things he can do right now."

If Revis misses a little time in training camp, it won’t be that big a deal. The important thing is just to make sure Revis is ready for the season opener.