Saints-Seahawks: On the scene at Qwest

SEATTLE -- Sweatpants, sweatshirts and ski caps are helping players warm up here at Qwest Field (except for Drew Brees, who is wearing shorts).

The weather is not much of a factor at this point. The flags atop the goal posts are hanging straight down. I noticed a drizzle on the drive to the stadium, but it's not raining.

We're getting close to the point when the New Orleans Saints and Seattle Seahawks declare their inactive players. I'm not expecting big news when those lists come out.

The Seahawks will have right tackle Sean Locklear, who missed practice time while tending to family issues. We already know the Saints will be without injured running backs Chris Ivory and Pierre Thomas, plus safety Malcolm Jenkins, defensive tackle Anthony Hargove, linebacker Danny Clark and tight end Jimmy Graham.

I spent part of the morning visiting with Dave Wyman, Paul Moyer, Ray Roberts and Dori Monson for the Seahawks' pregame show on 710ESPN Seattle. We spent quite a bit of time talking about the NFC West as a whole and specifically Jim Harbaugh's anticipated impact with the San Francisco 49ers.

Moyer, who was finishing his career as a Seahawks safety when Harbaugh was getting started as a player with the Chicago Bears, said he perceived Harbaugh as on the "nerdier" side by NFL standards. That approach might have fit at Stanford, the thinking went, but how will Harbaugh's style translate to the NFL?

I noted that Harbaugh is strong where predecessor Mike Singletary was weak: on the offensive side, as a tactician, etc. Teams often do seek qualities in their next coach that were lacking in their previous one. Harbaugh fits the 49ers from that standpoint.