It's tricky in Oakland

OAKLAND – Todd Haley and Tom Cable are a couple of fakers.

Both coaches called for a fake punt on back-to-back possessions. Both attempts failed.

First, Haley had rookie Javier Arenas take a direct snap on a punt, but he was stopped at Oakland’s 41. On the next drive, Oakland’s Rock Cartwright took the ball and was stopped at Oakland’s 48. Kansas City then scored a touchdown to take a 7-0 lead in the next drive. The Chiefs then took a 10-0 lead early in the second quarter after kicking a field goal after recovering a Darren McFadden fumble at the Oakland 31.

It was no surprise Haley tried the trick play. That man doesn’t like to punt. He has gone for it 12 times this season and has converted six times.

While the Raiders are not as big of risk-takers as Kansas City, Cable did get tricky in the first quarter. The Raiders used the Wildcat formation on four plays in the first quarter. McFadden took the direct snaps while quarterback Jason Campbell lined up as a receiver. Oakland also tried a flea flicker in the second quarter, but it was an incomplete pass from Campbell intended for rookie Jacoby Ford.

The game has had plenty of drama thus far. Cable has challenged two Kansas City touchdowns (on the same drive). One worked. One didn’t.

The officials also made a tremendous mistake when it was ruled a Tony Moeaki touchdown was actually stopped at the 1. He caught a five-yard pass from the six on 3rd-and-2. After the review, the officials ruled that it was fourth and goal from the 1, when it should have been first and goal from the 1. Quarterback Matt Cassel scored on a touchdown – yes, the Chiefs thought they had touchdowns three times on the drive – on the play but the Chiefs were called for holding. It wasn’t until after that play that officials realized they made a flub.

It’s early, but this AFC West showdown has been plenty of fun already.