About last night

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Still trying to recover from one of the best MNF games in recent memory. Some of it seems like a blur, so I'm hoping to watch it again tonight. I sat there at my Dell Latitude D620 (reliable wireless not included) at 1:30 ET this morning trying to figure out how to account for a game that had everything.

Here's what I came up with, but there's much left to say. I didn't address Eagles rookie receiver DeSean Jackson's near-touchdown in the second quarter because by the time the game ended, it seemed like just another bizarre footnote. Something tells me that Andy Reid will invite Jackson to his office at some point this week.

And to make matters worse, ESPN Research quickly made us aware of the fact that Jackson had done something similar during a high school all-star game. In that instance, he began a swan dive at the 5-yard line, but landed at the 1. This kid has written the book on premature celebrations.

The official ruled the play dead, in part, because he assumed that Jackson would carry the ball into the end zone. In the end, the only people who were hurt by the play other than the Cowboys were fantasy players. It's another reason the rules committee needs to take a long look at this inadvertent whistle issue. Teams that have a player make a colossal mistake such as Jackson's don't deserve the ball on the 1-yard line.

In other news, Cowboys safety Roy Williams broke his right forearm in the third quarter, and I'm told he could be out for a month. It's a major setback for a player who seemed to be showing a lot of maturity both on and off the field.

The Cowboys will plug in Patrick Watkins as his replacement, and honestly, they'll be better off against the pass. Williams, though, will be missed against the run. Pretty telling that a Pro Bowl player's broken forearm was relegated to the third note in my hometown newspaper, the Dallas Morning News.

One more quick thought: I hate the fact that these teams don't meet again until after Christmas. It's likely that both teams will have sewn up playoff seeds by then. Can you imagine if the Cowboys and Eagles met at the Linc in November or early December? I'd pay to see that game. In fact, my editors might take me up on that offer.

Curious to hear your thoughts on last night's game. And no, I haven't forgotten about my Giants and Redskins readers. You'll feel the love starting later this afternoon.