Duerson suicide: 'Certainly it hits home'

As we discussed Monday morning, the suicide of former Chicago Bears safety Dave Duerson is a frightening development for any retired or current NFL player. Before shooting himself in the chest, Duerson asked family members to have his brain examined for chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which has been tied to depression, dementia and occasionally suicide in former NFL players.

ESPN's Outside the Lines delved further into the issue Monday, speaking with former Bears coach Mike Ditka, former tight end Emery Moorehead and Chris Nowinski of The Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy at Boston University.

"Certainly it hits home now when it comes to as close a friend as Dave," Moorehead says in the video below. You think about all the games that you played, high school, college, professional football. ... I think it would be on everyone's mind, retired and everyone that's playing today: Is there a possibility that I'm doing damage every time I lead with my head?"

Ditka acknowledged there are differing opinions on whether there is a "direct correlation" between head trauma and brain-related disorders but said: "I believe there is."