NFL Any Era: Darrelle Revis

Would Hall of Famer Jerry Rice manage to escape from "Revis Island"? ESPN.com Illustration

Starting this week, ESPN.com and ESPN The Magazine are working together on a comprehensive series that examines which current NFL players could thrive in any era. Tuesday's group included New York Jets Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis.

A panel of Hall of Famers created their top 20 and Revis came in at No. 15. Here were some comments:

JAMES LOFTON: "Sometimes the promotion of 'Revis Island' can enhance or even supersede someone's image. When you watch this guy play, how is he able to move the receiver off his spot? It's like Superman strength. Darrelle Revis has that same type of strength. When he puts his hand on a receiver, the receiver that is headed there ... is now over there. It's really slight and really subtle, and he's not pushing off, but he's just so strong and compact, he just moves them off their route."

JOHN RANDLE: "When you watch him, he's a quiet killer. Like a sniper because he's drawing attention to himself, but you know that receiver is not going to have a good game. That receiver is shut down. The quarterback looks out there and goes, 'Well, my No. 1 is down. Let's look to my No. 2.'"

This was a good selection by the panel. Revis' elite coverage skills and hand-eye coordination would thrive in any era. In fact, due to many rule changes that favor high-scoring offenses, this is the most difficult era in NFL history to be a corner. But Revis is doing just fine.

I've said before in the blog that Revis is on his way to being an all-time great. It's clear that current Hall of Famers are taking notice. We will have more on ESPN.com's Any Era project later in the week as other players in the AFC East are revealed.