Wait, Ndamukong Suh wants how much?

ESPN's Chris Mortensen is the latest reporter to suggest that the agents for unsigned Detroit Lions rookie Ndamukong Suh are seeking more money than the player selected ahead of him in the 2010 draft, quarterback Sam Bradford.

The numbers Mortensen reported are staggering -- six years, $90 million with $56 million in guarantees -- but likely represent a negotiating tactic rather than a hard-line from agents Roosevelt Barnes and Eugene Parker. As we discussed Saturday, it's difficult to imagine the Lions paying Suh more than the quarterback premium Bradford received.

What probably has created some wiggle room for Suh's agents is the large gap between Bradford's total guarantees ($50 million) and that of the No. 3 overall pick Gerald McCoy ($35 million). Stay tuned. The Lions have two practices Sunday, at 9 a.m. at 3:15 p.m.