Final Word: NFC East

Five nuggets of knowledge about Week 3:

Streak, Eagles, streak: The Philadelphia Eagles have beaten the New York Giants six times in a row and will try to make it seven Sunday afternoon. Streaks have been a big part of this rivalry, but this is the longest one the Eagles have had against the Giants since they beat them 12 times in a row from 1975-81. They also beat them six times in a row from 1947-49. But the Giants lead the all-time regular-season series 79-71-2 and have had their share of the big winning streaks. The Giants beat the Eagles nine times in a row from 1997-2001, six times in a row from 1985-87, six times in a row from 1961-63 and nine times in a row from 1938-42. So history says there's a chance this all gets turned on its ear at some point.

Cowboys coming for Grossman: Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman has had a hot start to the season, but he's going to face more pressure Monday night than he has in his first two games. Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware leads the league with four sacks through two games, and the Cowboys have the most sacks of any team, with 10. So, toughest test yet for a Redskins offensive line that looked extremely good in Week 2. Interestingly for NFC East fans, the Eagles are second in the league with nine sacks so far, the Redskins are tied for fourth with seven and the Giants have six, which puts them in a nine-way tie for sixth.

Giants wearing down: When you've had as many injuries as the Giants have had, it can show up in surprising ways. As many of you have pointed out, the Giants haven't suffered too many significant injuries to star players. However, they've had so many injuries that it impacts their depth, and in turn their ability to finish games strong. The Giants have scored only seven points after halftime so far this season. Only the Vikings and Jaguars have scored fewer second-half points. And while we're only talking about two games here, it's a trend worth watching.

Hot-starting Skins: A Redskins victory against the Cowboys on "Monday Night Football" would give them a 3-0 record for the first time since 2005 and the eighth time since the NFL merger. In six of the seven seasons in which they started 3-0, they reached the playoffs, with the one exception being their 8-8 season in 1978. At the end of two of the past four seasons in which they began 3-0 -- 1982 and 1991 -- the Redskins won the Super Bowl.

Vick vs. the Giants' blitz: According to ESPN Stats & Information (which is where most of the information for these nuggets comes from each week), the Giants blitzed defensive backs against Michael Vick more than any other team in 2010. They did it 17 times in the Week 11 game in Philadelphia and 18 times in the Week 15 game in New Jersey. The Giants will tell you they figured out how to stop Vick, and that the blitzes from the secondary were part of it. And through the first game and a half last season, the numbers backed them up. Vick averaged only 3.6 yards per pass with no touchdowns, an interception and 15 rushing yards when the Giants blitzed a defensive back in Week 11 and the first half of Week 15. But after halftime of the Week 15 game, Vick was at 9.6 yards per pass with three touchdowns, no interceptions and 90 rushing yards. So he might have figured them out right back. We'll see how it goes Sunday, and if the Giants can afford to send extra defensive backs while they're so thin in the secondary.