Brees among most influential athletes

New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees is bigger than Aaron Rodgers and LeBron James.

That’s according to a new list of the 10 most influential athletes in America, according to Forbes.

Brees, who plays in one of the NFL’s smallest markets, came in at No. 6, just one spot behind Peyton Manning.

Although we in the NFC South often talk about being overshadowed by bigger markets, Brees is proof that’s not always the case. Brees has combined his on-field exploits and his effervescent personality to gain awareness.

Even those that don’t follow football closely know about how Brees helped the New Orleans area recover from Hurricane Katrina. Rodgers and James came in slightly behind Brees.

But the real shocker is that Tim Tebow, who currently doesn’t have a team, topped the list of America’s most influential athletes.