Negotiating power: Andre Johnson

Andre Johnson returned to the Houston Texans' organized team activities and clearly felt badly about causing any sort of stir. I expect his contract issues will be resolved well before the Texans open camp.


JohnsonWhat are the chances he gets a new deal? Veteran agent Ralph Cindrich and cap analyst J.I. Halsell of Football Outsiders chime in:

Cindrich: "It sounds like he’s in the best situation. Houston is flexible. He’s the No. 1 receiver out there with a team and in a city that wants to see things happen. The owner is more malleable as [is] the GM."

Halsell: “Andre Johnson finds himself in the same situation as players like Sheldon Brown and Lito Sheppard found themselves in in Philly. The Andre Johnson case highlights the importance of one of my favorite contract metrics, guaranteed money/year. In the case of Johnson, he did an extension for six new years with a guarantee of $15M; resulting in a guarantee per year of $2.5M. To put that into context, Buffalo’s Lee Evans' guarantee per year on his four-year extension with a guarantee of $18.25M was $4.56M.

“So Johnson's deal at 15M guaranteed should've been a three- or four-year extension and not a six-year extension. Does this inequity get rectified? I think the Texans will redo him and pay him a market deal. He's clearly one of the top WRs in the league and a consummate pro. He's what you want as a team, so let’s not turn him into a malcontent.”