Suh hasn't seen SNL sketch mentioning him

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Ndamukong Suh took a dive into a pool on "Splash." And he went on a failed blind date on "The Choice." Suh’s latest turn at television had nothing to do with him, though. Instead, it was all about "Saturday Night Live."

Comedian Jay Pharoah mentioned Suh during part of his impersonation of Shannon Sharpe on last weekend’s “Weekend Update” sketch on SNL. Suh said he hasn’t seen it.

"I think everything is big-time if you’re making 'Saturday Night Live,'" Suh said. "They cover a lot of spaces. But actually I just heard about it. Friends have told me about it, but I haven’t seen it, so I have no clue."

Here’s what Suh missed.

Seth Meyers set Pharoah-as-Sharpe up by struggling to pronounce Suh’s first name. Then Meyers asked about Suh’s fine.

"Listen, that’s nothing. $100,000 is just a kiss on the wrist for Ndamukong," Pharoah-as-Sharpe said. "I think an appropriate penalty for Ndamukong, at this moment, right now, currently, while we’re sitting here, the two of us, sharing breath, the NFL should burn his house down.

"Seth, Seth, Seth, Seeethhhh Seth. Let me put it this way. It would be easier for me to have a baby. And that baby be a walrus. And I raise that walrus to grow up and ride a bike. And that walrus to win the Tour de France than Ndamukong Suh to care about a hundred grand."

As far as whether Suh would ever contemplate doing a show like SNL -- other athletes have done it in the past -- it doesn’t seem likely.

“No, I don’t like being in the media’s eye,” said Suh, now a reality-TV veteran. “Once I’m done playing, I’m sitting in some quiet backwoods.”