Joe Flacco, his agent and future talks

In a story that refuses to die, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco told the team's official website on Wednesday that he disagrees with his agent's comments that the team was "dumb" not to sign him before the 2012 season. His agent, Joe Linta, has already apologized to the Ravens if they were offended by his use of the word "dumb."

Story over, right? Well, it would be probably dumb to think that. In 2016, Flacco's salary-cap number jumps to $28.55 million, which means the sides will be at the negotiating table once again in three years.

Will Linta's comments have any affect on those future talks? Flacco doesn't believe so.

“I think the good thing about the whole process was that when we were negotiating the deal, there was always respect,” Flacco said. “I had respect for them with the deal they offered, and I think they respected my decision to not take it. I think throughout the whole process, it’s been very good.”

I really can't see Linta's comments playing any role in the next round of talks. The Ravens are smart enough to know that Linta was defending Flacco against assertions that he was being greedy for signing his $120 million deal, and Linta is smart enough to know he should have chosen his words better in doing so.

In the end, it will be Flacco's play on the field that will dictate what will happen in 2016. If he continues his hot streak from the postseason, Flacco will again receive a big payday from the Ravens. If he doesn't, that's when it will get interesting, because the Ravens won't be able to carry Flacco at that salary-cap number. To think anything else will be a factor is, well, just dumb.