McCoy learned from Jackson's release

PHILADELPHIA – DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy joined the Philadelphia Eagles in the second round of consecutive drafts. Jackson arrived in 2008, McCoy in 2009.

Jackson, the undersized wide receiver from Cal, and McCoy, the running back from Pitt, earned Pro Bowl appearances during the final, declining years of Andy Reid's tenure. Then they returned to Honolulu after putting up big numbers in their first season under new coach Chip Kelly.

Within a few months, Jackson was gone, unceremoniously released. It's no wonder that move gave McCoy plenty to think about.

"For myself, I took out of that, no matter how good a player is, it's a team," McCoy said Wednesday. "If you can't buy in, anything is possible. I'm not sure what the rest of the team took out of that. I was speaking for myself."

McCoy told the NFL Network last week that Jackson's release sent a message to the rest of the team.

"A player like that, who's done so much for this franchise -- even the year Chip was here, the stuff he did -- some players may think, 'Well, he produced on the field. That's the only thing that matters,' " McCoy said. "But it's small things I take out of everything, and that's what I took out of that."

Not that McCoy saw a need to change very much. If Jackson's behavior or attitude indicated he wasn't buying in to Kelly's approach, McCoy has been a model citizen.

"I like to do things the right way, anyway," McCoy said. "I don't think it changed too much. But it's the small things that you think about, that you think nobody cares about, when in reality, they do. Take care of the small details, do your work and have fun doing it."

McCoy led the NFL in rushing in Kelly's first season. The Eagles have added some offensive weapons, including running back Darren Sproles and wide receivers Jordan Mathews and Josh Huff. There is a chance McCoy won't amass the kind of rushing yards he did in 2013.

"I never think about that," McCoy said. "I'm productive. I look to make plays and be productive. I look forward to those things. I think Coach Kelly knows the type of guy I am, the player I want to be. If it does change, I know whatever role I get, I can be productive in it.

"The most important thing is the value you bring to the offense. I feel like my value is high. I'll do whatever it takes to be productive. If it's running more, catching less, or catching more and running less, whatever that role may be, I know what type of player I am."

With another typical season, McCoy would break Wilbert Montgomery's franchise record of 6,538 rushing yards. McCoy is 1,065 yards behind Montgomery.

"Nothing's a given," McCoy said. "That's another goal to put on my list of things to get done. The guys up front will block the way they did the last two years, and this offense will get it done."