Daredevil Lions: Matthew Stafford jumps out of plane

When Detroit Lions team president Tom Lewand said the team's official position on DeAndre Levy's intense offseason adventures was "Don't fall," he might have unknowingly inspired the rest of the Lions to give some stuff a shot.

While no one has gone to the intense lengths Levy has gone to with wing-walking on a biplane in Washington, more Lions appear to be posting their last-minute fun adventures before voluntary offseason workouts begin Monday.

First, there's the honeymooning quarterback, Matthew Stafford. While Stafford doesn't have much in terms of social media, his wife, Kelly Hall Stafford, has been active in posting a lot of their adventures. Last week, there was Stafford running stairs in New Zealand. That probably pleased Lewand and the Lions' front office.

Seeing Stafford jump out of a plane? Ehh, maybe not so much. Yet there Stafford went last week at 15,000 feet.

My man doing his best @dre_levy impersonation! #dontworryheisalive #15000ft #QBsTakingLeaps #yolo #onepride

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The Football Couple Stafford made it to the ground just fine, though.

So happy we were both still alive. @nzoneskydive #NewZealand

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This wasn't the only fun aerial adventure the Staffords had in New Zealand. They also went -- honeymoon style, according to the sign -- off a giant swing. In the video Stafford's wife posted, you can hear Matthew say, "Oh my God."

Overall, though, it looks like the Staffords are enjoying their first couple weeks as a married couple -- even if Kelly Hall Stafford instagrammed that the couple's trip to Fiji for relaxation was apparently no longer happening due to weather concerns.

In non-Stafford-related news, Lions linebacker Julian Stanford took a fun, safer route -- completing a massive zipline over water.

Dragon's Flight (Worlds longest zipline over water). #labadeehaiti #royalcaribbean

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