Schedule demands advanced look at Colts

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Tennessee Titans fielded some crazy questions this week about the Jacksonville Jaguars, suggesting some thought they’d say, “Yeah, we’re absolutely looking right past Jacksonville, we can’t wait for Thursday night against Indianapolis."

Alas, that answer didn’t materialize and the standard lines about respecting an opponent, not paying a lot of attention to the other team’s record, and the need for solid preparation and execution ruled.

The Jaguars have won seven of their past 40 games, and the Titans account for two of those.

“They are 0-8, we should be able to go out there and win this game,” defensive tackle Jurrell Casey said. “But at the end of the day they are an NFL team and they have some great players over there that can make big things happen. If they play as a unit and we’re not playing as one, they can easily beat us.”

Offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains said the Titans have not looked at the Colts, who visit Nashville on Nov. 14.

There was one sign of Indy in the locker room this week, but it was an accident. After strong safety Bernard Pollard rattled off good attributes of the Jaguars, he followed it with, “I love the way Indy plays.”

But coach Mike Munchak said the timing of next week’s game dictates some advance work. The scouting is done and the tapes are ready to be watched.

Assistants coaches who haven't seen any yet, will on Friday. Typically, Fridays can end as early as 1:00 p.m. But they will be extended this week, and there will be more Saturday pre-preparation as well.

“On Saturday when the players are out of here at noon, the coaches will stay behind and start getting ahead with watching tape,” Munchak said. “That’s the hard part, because you don’t have the coordinators do that because you don’t want them thinking of another team when they’re calling the game on a Sunday. Assistant coaches, that’s OK, those guys can handle that because they’re not calling the game. We’ll do that, so we’re hoping by the time the game’s over on Sunday, all of a sudden it’s a Tuesday.

"That’s kind of how they have to look at it, and the work they have to have done on a normal Tuesday they’ll try to do in the next couple of days. That way Sunday night we’ll come back here and work to get ready for Monday, which is like a Wednesday for us and the team. There’s no way to avoid that. You have to do that, and we’ll do that like all the teams have to -- same thing that Indianapolis will have to do. The good thing is it’s a division team, and you know that a little better."