Kiffin talks about heading back to college ranks

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

In an interview with SIRIUS radio Wednesday, Lane Kiffin, fired as the Raiders coach Tuesday, mentioned that he may look to continue his coaching career as a head coach in the college ranks.

He came to Oakland as an assistant from USC. He was turned down for the Minnesota (college) job before he was hired by Al Davis. His name has already been linked to a potential opening at Syracuse.

"I think the college route definitely could be a route we may end up going here," Kiffin said on the radio show. " We'll see what comes available. Unfortunately, being fired, there's a lot of emotion that goes into it and we're not pleased by any means but it's made me a lot better and it's prepared me a lot better for the next job. It will make getting a college job easier from the standpoint of being able to interview and not continuing, in November and December, continuing to have to play games and coach at the Raiders."

Kiffin said he spoke to Raiders' quarterback JaMarcus Russell on Tuesday night. In his press conference earlier in the day, Davis said Kiffin never wanted to draft Russell with the No. 1 overall pick in 2007.

"He has a great future and I had a great talk with him last night," Kiffin said on the radio show."He's going to do great things as they continue to develop their receiver group around him. There's been a lot of shakeup in that group from injuries and different people coming in and out. He's going to continue to improve and have a great future."

Also, Kiffin said he did hear from some former Oakland coaches Tuesday.

"Yeah, I've heard from a number of them but I'm not going to get into the specifics," Kiffin said on the show. "They definitely don't want me to repeat the conversation that they had so I won't get into that. But a lot of support."

Meanwhile, the Tom Cable era started in Oakland on Wednesday with a bye-week practice. Cable, the team's offensive line coach, is the interim head coach. He will make his debut at New Orleans on Oct.12.

Meanwhile, as part of our Blogger's Blitz segment, I will be appearing on ESPNews tonight at 8:45 pm., to cover the AFC West. Yes, the Kiffin firing will be addressed.