QB Ryan Tannehill: 'I want to compete'

DAVIE, Fla. -- Rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill just wrapped up his first news conference with the Miami Dolphins. He is the new face of the Dolphins' franchise and a player they think can turn the team around.

Here are some notes from Tannehill's news conference at Dolphins headquarters:

  • The major question is how long will it take for Tannehill to see the field as a top-10 quarterback. Tannehill is not expected to play this season. But he's taking the right approach by not resigning himself to backup status behind Matt Moore and David Garrard. "I'm a football player and I'm a competitor," Tannehill said. "I want to be on the field and I want to compete. But I also realize that I'm coming in and there's veteran quarterbacks on this team that I can learn from."

  • Tannehill has good measurables. He's big and rangy. He looks the part of an NFL quarterback in person, which is important. Tannehill will take the field for the first time in rookie mini-camp next week.

  • I asked Tannehill about his leadership ability, because I think that's so important for the quarterback position. I was particularly curious about how he plans to lead despite being a rookie and working his way up the depth chart. "First of all, you got to get the respect of your teammates," Tannehill explained. "I've done it in a lot of different ways. But I want to get to know the guys. This is a new locker room and I have to get to know everyone. ... And your performance on the field is a big part of that. You have to be able to make plays on the field to get that respect."

  • Tannehill was happy to get his hands on Miami's playbook. He said many things looked familiar from the one he had in college. Tannehill played under Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman at Texas A&M. Sherman played a major role in bringing Tannehill to Miami.