Lee Evans' jersey seen at Ravens practice

If you didn't know any better, you might've thought Lee Evans showed up at Ravens practice Wednesday. Yes, the same Lee Evans who failed to make the winning catch in last season's AFC Championship Game.

But it wasn't an unexpected appearance by Evans before this season's AFC title tilt. It was actually reserve wide receiver David Reed wearing Evans' No. 83 jersey. He didn't put on the jersey Thursday or Friday.

“That’s my boy,” Reed told The Baltimore Sun. “But you know, with the circumstances that went down last year, guys were giving me a hard time about it a little bit. So I haven’t worn that jersey anymore.”

Reed didn't play in the AFC divisional playoff game because of a hamstring injury. Even if Reed plays Sunday, don't expect him to wear No. 83 or drop a pass. Reed plays special teams and nearly has as many tackles on coverage teams (four) as catches (five) this season.