Power rankings: Who dissed your team?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

First of all, let's hear a round of applause for ESPN.com's Sheldon Spencer and Mike Sando for taming the monster that is NFL Power Rankings: May 2009 edition. Each week during the season, Sando and blog editor Brett Longdin put together colorful charts to explain how we came up with the power rankings. Sando's efforts have brought a lot more transparency to the process. And it makes it much easier for you guys to channel your anger to the appropriate e-mail addresses.

Here is Sando's exclusive "How the voters voted" blog entry. You'll discover that NFC East teams ranked 10th on average in the rankings, which was best for any division. The AFC East was second with a 13.9 ranking and the AFC West came in dead last with a 22.6.

Hall of Famer Len Pasquarelli joined me (non-HOF) in ranking the Giants No. 2 overall in the rankings. We were the only panelists who had them that high. AFC East blogger Tim Graham and John Clayton were the only voters who had them out of the top five (sixth place).

I had the Eagles fourth overall, but ESPN.com columnist and E60 contributor Jeff Chadiha has them at No. 2. Sando and Pasquarelli had the Eagles at No. 8.

As always, the Cowboys were one of the most polarizing teams in the field. I had them at No. 11, but Pat Yasinskas had them at No. 3. Seriously. John Clayton has the Cowboys ranked at No. 22. And yes, that's the biggest gap (19 spots) in the voting. If anyone's interested, I'm happy to call up Clayton and ask for an explanation. The Cowboys ended up in the No. 13 spot.

The Redskins were also a team that voters disagreed on in a big way. Clayton checked in with the highest ranking at No. 12. But Clayton's Seattle neighbor Sando had the Redskins 24th. I'm happy to help you guys get in touch with Sando. Do you need his office or cell? Anyway, I had the Redskins 17th. I think they could be much better than that, but I don't trust them after last season's collapse. I'm dropping by Ashburn, Va., soon to see them, so maybe I'll change my mind.

Overall, a pretty strong showing top to bottom by the NFC East. OK, I have to go watch the Cowboys practice now. I'll check back with you guys in a few hours.

This link from Sando has a lot of bells and whistles. Perfect for the post-Memorial Day blues.