No 'Madden Curse' for Cam Newton

Relax Carolina fans. You no longer have to worry about the "Madden Curse."

Your quarterback, Cam Newton, will not be on the cover of Madden 13. The winner was just announced and it is Detroit receiver Calvin Johnson.

He narrowly edged out Newton in an election that included about 20 million votes. Johnson and Newton started off in a field of 64 players and fans narrowed it down through a series of head-to-head votes.

I know some Carolina fans voted against Newton because they didn’t want to subject their quarterback to the curse. I’m not a big believer in curses and didn’t think Newton was bound for a bad season if he had won. But I did grow up a Boston Red Sox fan, so I at least understand why some people believe in curses.

So maybe it’s a good thing Newton isn’t on the cover.