Okung's deal: What took so long?

Russell Okung's contract agreement with the Seattle Seahawks was inevitable.

There's no good reason for the sides to take as long as they did, but at least Okung will likely be signed in time to participate in all four exhibition games. This keeps him on course to start the regular-season opener.

As much as Seattle fans were looking forward to Ray Willis or Mansfield Wrotto playing left tackle, Okung's deal makes him the man. In all seriousness, injuries could be the biggest concern for Okung in the short term as he joins teammates already steeled by nearly a week's worth of work.

I'll be very interested in verifying the contract terms for Okung once the information is on file with the NFL and NFL Players Association. Numbers are often initially reported in ways beneficial to those involved with the negotiations. That doesn't make them inaccurate, necessarily, but it can make them misleading.

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