Poll: Top combine storyline

The NFL combine is later this week. Of course, the major draft event will be closely watched in the AFC West. The Kansas City Chiefs, with the first overall pick, will be particularly keen observers.

There are several storylines to follow.

A key for Kansas City will be to see if any quarterback shows he is worthy of being the top pick.

There are also several top-level defensive players available. Which will emerge as the best? Both the Chiefs and the Raiders, who have the No. 3 pick, will be paying attention.

Then there is the Manti Te'o story. The talented middle linebacker from Notre Dame will face tough questions from teams and the media after the hoax involving a fake girlfriend. I can see Te’o getting interest from all four AFC West teams in the right circumstances, so each team will likely want to hear what he has to say.

What one story do you think will be most important in the AFC West? Please take our poll and express the reason for your vote in the comments section below. We will review the poll results Tuesday.