AFC South Week 8 decisive moment

The Cowboys were poised to cut into the Jaguars’ 14-3 lead and head into intermission with things turned around.

But in four downs starting at the Jacksonville 9-yard line, Dallas couldn’t break through.

Miles Austin caught a pass out of bounds. On the next play, Jon Kitna ran for 8 yards. Then Marion Barber ran off right guard and was stopped by Daryl Smith and Kirk Morrison.

On fourth-and-goal from the 1, Barber ran off left tackle and the same duo of linebackers stuffed him.

I’m not sure, however, that Barber’s second or third effort wouldn’t have broken the plane if Justin Durant had not run down the line and made the final push to rebuff the effort.

A booth challenge was upheld and the Jaguars went into the locker room fired up. They returned and built on their 11-point lead to win with ease, 35-17.