With assistants, Jags being honorable

Shad Khan and the Jacksonville Jaguars are doing the right thing.

Khan, the franchise owner, wants his new GM to be able to decide on the fate of coach Mike Mularkey and his staff. In most circumstances, a new GM wants to bring in his own coach.

In case that's the scenario that plays out down the road, the Jaguars have told members of Mularkey's staff that they are free to pursue other opportunities if they so desire. That comes via tweet from Adam Schefter.

If the best ones go -- like linebackers coach Mark Dufner or receivers coach Jerry Sullivan -- it will actually make Mularkey less attractive to the new guy.

It's an unfortunate consequence of being in position where you need a new GM just a year after he helped you hire a coach.

But there is just no getting around it. So kudos to Khan for doing the honorable thing.

People who've worked hard for you don't deserve to be handcuffed to you if it may only be temporary.