Dan Snyder wants a Super Bowl, too

IRVING, Texas -- You knew it was inevitable. The minute the league got behind the New York/New Jersey 2014 Super Bowl bid, other owners with outdoor stadiums in cold-weather areas wondered when they'd be in the rotation. And it didn't take Redskins owner Dan Snyder long to speak up at the spring owners meeting.

"I think Washington should get one, no matter what," Snyder told Washington Post NFL columnist Mark Maske on Tuesday. "It is the nation's capital."

But something tells me that today's announcement, which will certainly fall in favor of New York, will not open the floodgates for future cold-weather Super Bowls. This is an opportunity for the league to reward the Giants and Jets for building a $1.6 billion stadium during tough economic times. If the (passing) game is affected by snow or freezing rain in early February, it's likely the league will return to its warm-weather roots. And even if it's sunny and 45 degrees, I don't think Roger Goodell will be in a rush to hold the game at FedEx.

By the way, the Tampa Bay contingent has already completed its presentation. They were exuberant as they left the meeting room. I even witnessed a highly awkward high five. But we all know the Super Bowl's headed to New York. That's what Goodell wants, and he seems to prevail much of the time.

The announcement will likely come down at about 4:15 ET or so. Goodell will then meet with reporters to discuss a variety of topics at about 6:30 ET. What would you like to ask the commish?