Tom Brady rectifies Kraft's high-five fail

Mr. Kraft, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady knows how you feel ... and he's got your back.

Robert Kraft took some ribbing on social media on Sunday after CBS cameras showed him reaching for a high five from Mark Wahlberg in his owner's box after a Patriots touchdown and the actor left him hanging, apparently not seeing the owner reaching out.

Brady, of course, is no stranger to high-five fails. The excitable quarterback has been spotted on several occasions on the sideline looking for some high-five love from his teammates that would go unrequited.

So on Tuesday, Brady posted a photo to his Facebook fan page that superimposed himself giving Kraft the high five he was seeking from Wahlberg along with a message for his owner:

Brady has noticeably upped his Facebook game in the past week. In a "Throwback Thursday" post last week, Brady posted the college resume he would have needed to find a job had he not been drafted by the Patriots in the sixth round.

And in advance of Sunday's game against the Raiders, Brady posted a photo of his favorite Patriots vs. Raiders memory, a shot of himself spiking the football after scoring a touchdown in the Tuck Rule game in 2002, which was played in a snowstorm and featured one of biggest overturned calls in playoff history.