Experts: Falcons will win

All season long, Atlanta fans have been talking about how the Falcons don’t get enough respect.

I never have understood the obsession so many fans have with how they think they’re perceived by the national media. It really is a pointless exercise. Coaches and players don’t spend much time thinking about whether they’re getting their due.

Most of them believe you don’t go out and ask for respect. You earn it.

And the fact is, the Falcons aren’t going to get wide-spread respect until they win a playoff game for the first time in the Mike Smith-Matt Ryan era.

But Atlanta fans might be happy to know their team is a solid favorite against Seattle, according to the ESPN NFL Expert Picks. Nine members of the panel picked the Falcons.

Mark Schlereth, Tom Jackson, Mike Ditka and Cris Carter picked the Seahawks. So did SportsNation, but that’s based on a vote by fans. There’s a lesson to be learned there. If Atlanta fans wanted another pick in the Falcons’ column, they should have voted more often than Seattle fans.

Anyway, most of you know that I generally don’t make predictions. But I make an exception for the playoffs.

You can go here to see my prediction on who wins the Seattle-Atlanta game.