Black and Blue all over: Tauscher's status

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
INDIANAPOLIS -- There isn't much precedent for how Green Bay should deal with the lingering issue of right tackle Mark Tauscher, who is rehabilitating a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee as he approaches free agency next week.

NFL teams don't often take financial risks with injured players, and Tauscher's value would seem to increase as he recovers over the course of the spring. That's the scenario general manager Ted Thompson laid out during a meeting with reporters Friday -- waiting until Tauscher is cleared medically before making him a significant offer -- but agent Neil Cornrich told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel he expected Tauscher to be signed elsewhere before then.

Cornrich said: "From a medical standpoint, it's not really a big issue anymore" and added:

"Do they have someone better to play the position? Were they better than him? Would there be reason to think they'd be better than him this season?"

This could all be considered classic agent posturing on the part of Cornrich, who naturally wants to increase the pressure on Green Bay to make an offer now rather than later. It's always possible that Cornrich could find a team with a high risk tolerance that's willing to take Tauscher on earlier this spring.

But I doubt that scenario will impact Thompson's thinking. If he wants Tauscher back, it'll be on his terms.

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