Buckle in for another stalemate in Denver

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

The Brandon Marshall-Denver Broncos stalemate is officially on with both sides prrovide differing versions of events.

Marshall's agent, Kennard McGuire, told ESPN's Michael Smith: "There was a meeting with Mr. (Pat) Bowlen and Brandon did ask to be traded. He was told by ownership that the team would do everything in its power to accommodate those wishes. We do feel that a change of scenery is not only important but necessary."

Marshall backed up McGuire's claim on his website.

Denver coach Josh McDaniels countered by telling ESPN's Ed Werder this: "We met after Pat's meeting with Brandon Marshall, and we've decided that we will continue to have a dialogue with Brandon and his representative, but we are looking forward to having Brandon at training camp,"

Buckle in, it doesn't seem like these two sides are on the same page. Marshall wants out. The Broncos don't want to trade him. As long as Denver doesn't want to trade Marshall, he won't be traded. The Broncos wanted to trade Jay Cutler and they did.

They want Marshall to be part of the team in 2009. And unless they change their mind, Marshall will be in Denver in 2009. If not, he'll hold out and not get paid more than $2 million. That is unlikely to happen.

Now we know Marshall wants out. But we also now Denver wants to keep him. The Broncos have all the leverage here, don't expect Marshall to get his wish.