Cover the eyes: Rams, 49ers struggling

The Rams have managed to take a 3-0 halftime lead over the 49ers even though St. Louis is within an injury or two from calling Jackie Slater out of retirement to finish the game.

Last I saw, the Rams had Phil Trautwein at right tackle and John Greco at right guard. No matter how prepared the Rams were for this season, they probably never envisioned it coming to this. Adam Goldberg was at left guard. Center Jason Brown and left tackle Alex Barron are the only starters lining up in their projected places.

The Rams' offense is naturally struggling.

The 49ers don't really have an excuse for their problems on that side of the ball. They're' trying to go into the offseason feeling good about Alex Smith as their starting quarterback. Smith has completed 5 of 10 passes for 23 yards so far.