Yet another chance for Matt Cassel

For a guy who was replaced, Matt Cassel keeps getting chances to remain the Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback.

For the second straight week since being named the starting quarterback, Brady Quinn must sit and watch Cassel play. Quinn has not been cleared from a concussion he suffered in Week 8 against Oakland. Thus, Cassel will face Pittsburgh and former Kansas City head coach Todd Haley when the Chiefs travel for ESPN’s “Monday Night Football.” Haley, fired by the Chiefs last December, is the Steelers’ offensive coordinator.

Kansas City coach Romeo Crenel was vague last week when asked if Quinn would remain the starrer once he was cleared. Without coming out and saying the job was still Quinn’s, Crennel hinted it would be.

Still, Cassel is getting his chance to re-take the job. If the 1-7 Chiefs can upset Pittsburgh, it would be difficult to take Cassel out. However, Cassel has not shown the ability to help his team win.

According to ESPN Stats & Information, Cassel has thrown 66 passes this season (the most in the NFL) without a touchdown pass against the blitz. The Steelers have blitzed the quarterback at the third highest rate in the league this season.

Also, Cassel has struggled on play-action plays this season. According to ESPN Stats & Information, even thought the Chiefs are averaging 4.7 yards per rush (the sixth best in the league), the play-action has been ineffective with Cassel. He has thrown interceptions on play action once every 10.3 attempts this season. The league average is once every 39 attempts.

Still, he gets another chance. In reality, though, whether it’s Cassel or Quinn behind center, the Chiefs are just biding time before they can start over next season with a new direction at the position.