Steratore will ref Browns-Ravens game

Gene Steratore will lead a seven-man crew as the locked-out officials return for Thursday night's game between the Cleveland Browns and the Baltimore Ravens.

Steratore is beginning his 10th season in the NFL. His most controversial ruling occurred in Week 1 of the 2010 season, when he correctly overturned Calvin Johnson's winning touchdown for the Lions. He reviewed the play and ruled that Johnson lost control of the ball while going to the ground before he "completed the process of completing the catch."

In September 2010, a decision by Steratore led to a Ravens' loss. Steratore ruled that linebacker Terrell Suggs was guilty of slamming Carson Palmer into the turf even though Suggs' head was down and the linebacker was already off his feet when Palmer released the pass. Former NFL head of officials Mike Pereira said officials were wrong in flagging Suggs. That 15-yard penalty was the biggest play in a drive that ended with the Bengals' game-winning field goal with 4:34 left in the game.

The rest of the crew consists of umpire Bill Schuster, head linesman Wayne Mackie, line judge Jeff Seaman, field judge Bob Waggoner, side judge Jimmy De Bell and back judge Greg Steed.