Titans can't leave Harper on Jackson

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Jeff Fisher has not even considered replacing Nick Harper when he’s been healthy this season, despite the success Roderick Hood had working as his replacement.

Hood’s three picks in three games was great work, but it didn’t make him Darrelle Revis.

There is no denying the 35-year old Harper is slipping. He’s an accountable veteran, solid in run support and effective in some coverages.

Put him alone on Vincent Jackson and you’re begging for trouble.

The Titans allowed it in a couple spots on the drive that put San Diego up 7-3. Only an under-thrown pass from Philip Rivers -- and the pass could have been knocked down by the wind -- prevented a 54-yard touchdown connection.

Jackson merely slowed early in the route, then ran past Harper and had a five-yards lead on him. If the pass had enough legs, he would have waltzed into the end zone.

The Chargers would be wise to continue to attack him. The Titans would be wise to get Cortland Finnegan as the primary man in coverage on Jackson, San Diego’s most dangerous receiver.