Rams players, coaches seek to ignore relocation rumors

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- As the never-ending rumor mill of the St. Louis Rams becoming the Los Angeles Rams as soon as 2016 continues to churn, nobody at Rams Park is immune to constant questioning about the team's future.

Players, coaches, staff -- it doesn't matter who it is. Everyone wants to know whether the Rams will be in St. Louis beyond this season. And while those questions are certainly justified given the uncertain status of the franchise and the very real possibility of a move, they also aren't beneficial for a team trying to finally win enough games to get back to the postseason for the first time since 2004.

Which is why Rams coach Jeff Fisher, who was involved with the Houston Oilers when they made the move to Tennessee, is doing all he can to make sure he and his team stay focused on the task at hand and ignore something that's at the forefront of their collective mind but out of their control.

"It's not a distraction," Fisher said. "We can't let it be a distraction. I've been through it once. I learned that from that. It's been my opinion really from the start when all this stuff started happening that I'm better off probably not knowing the specifics. That way, when someone asks me I can say, 'I don't know.' And when I say it, I'm telling the truth. Our focus is on this next week of OTAs. This fall, we'll be playing football here. I think that's the best way to approach it."

Despite Fisher's efforts, there's a certain element of human nature that can also be hard to ignore. A handful of Rams players have made it clear that they can't help but think about what could transpire over the course of the next year. Some have given consideration to selling their homes or put off home improvement projects on their places around St. Louis because of the looming Los Angeles possibilities.

But even with those completely understandable thoughts, Rams who have been around and those who have been added recently know they ultimately have no say in what takes place with the team other than what happens on the field in 2015.

"Basically I continue to tell people that I have no clue," guard Rodger Saffold said. "At the end of the day, I'm down for this team -- the name on the front."

Quarterback Nick Foles just came to St. Louis via trade in March and already has been inundated with questions about whether the team will be staying. Foles doesn't have much time to worry about that given he's got to learn a new offense and new teammates in short order.

Foles said he hasn't given much thought to anything beyond his new team and system.

"Absolutely not," Foles said. "Right now I'm here, and that's all I'm worrying about. I'm worrying about what I can do today to help my teammates be better, to help me be better so I can help them, and that's all I worry about. That's all out of our control. Our control right now is to go recover today and get ready for tomorrow."